Eco-conscious drivers switching to electric vehicles struggling to find charging points

Drivers switching to greener electric vehicles are struggling to find charging points, a watchdog has found.

Which? is calling for “urgent improvements” to the plug-and-go network after finding almost half of EV owners faced problems trying to find public charging areas in good working order.

Three-quarters are fed up with the current system, with half saying there are no points near their homes and six in 10 suffering glitches when trying to pay.

The poll of 1,500 EV or plug-in hybrid car owners found a fifth have given up on public chargers and a similar number steer clear as they do not feel confident about finding one in working order.

Which? also polled 2,000 petrol car owners about changing to a greener model but four in 10 were put off by lack of public chargers and a third feared a flat battery on the road.

Which? is urging the Government to overhaul the infrastructure and payment system so drivers can tap a bank card or use just one app instead of several.

EV charge point operators have also urged the Chancellor to cut VAT on public charging. The Department for Transport said: “We are working to ensure drivers can access chargepoints across the country which are reliable, consistent and seamless to use.”