Amazon-backed firm to help power its trucking fleet with electrofuels (AMZN.O) Infinium said on Tuesday it will supply low-carbon electrofuels for the e-commerce giant’s trucking fleet starting next year.

Infinium’s supply of electrofuels — a fossil-based fuel alternative created with carbon waste and renewable power — will reduce Amazon’s carbon emissions for roughly 5 million miles of travel per year, it said.

The tech giant said it plans to initially use the electrofuels in trucks in its middle-mile fleet in Southern California.

The agreement comes after Amazon last month signed a deal with Plug Power Inc (PLUG.O) for 10,950 tons of green hydrogen every year starting 2025, to help it replace grey hydrogen, diesel, and other fossil fuels.

Amazon invested in Infinium, a renewable electrofuels solution provider, in 2021. It was a part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund — a $2 billion investment program launched in 2020 to invest in companies to help reduce the impact of climate change and support sustainable development.