Girl, 3, still lost after ten months as mum took eyes off her in playground for minutes

A worried family has shared how their daughter is still missing months after she disappeared in a playground.

Lina Sardar, 3, reportedly survived a suicide bombing in Afghanistan just months before she was last seen at the Villas Del Cabo apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas on December 20, 2021.

No witnesses have come forward with any information regarding her disappearance, according to The New York Times.

The newspaper said Afghan army soldier Riaz Sardar Khil had moved his wife and daughter Lina to the US three years ago in an bid to build a safer life for his family.

Lina had escaped with her life on a visit back to the country when the family found themselves only yards away from a suicide bomb attack, which ended up killing hundreds of Afghans and 13 US soldiers.

She was flown back to Texas to recover shortly afterwards after losing consciousness – only to vanish completely a few months afterwards.

Lina had been playing with around a dozen other children at a playground near to the family’s front door on the evening before she disappeared moments later, leaving her family devastated and the local police puzzled.

She has still not been found a whole ten months later.

Reflecting on the desperation situation, Mr Sardar Khil told the newspaper: “We came from Afghanistan to have a happy and safe life here, but it didn’t happen,”

“My whole life was ruined.”

After lengthy investigations by San Antonio Police, unsuccessful efforts were made by an 11-man FBI dive team this week to locate Lina’s body at a creek located near the complex.

A statement from the law enforcement agency read: “Today’s dive effort concluded without any conclusive findings.

“Our follow up units continue to tirelessly investigate the disappearance of Lina. No resource, both from the Department and the FBI, has been spared in this investigation.

“Countless hours have been devoted to evidence analysis, aggressively chasing down leads, re-interviewing people, and ensuring that every piece of information is thoroughly scrutinized.”